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Kritter Catchers

Kritter Catchers is a wildlife removal specialist focused on Generating leads and expanding their business by maximizing its online presence with the help of WEBPIXEL 


Year-over-year Increase in website traffic


Leads Converted Into Customers

Overview About Kritter Catchers

Kritter Catchers is a wildlife and pest control business that takes a humane approach to wildlife removal. They pride themselves on educating the public about wildlife while providing permanent removal services without harming the animals. The website, built on WordPress using Elementor by WEBPIXEL, serves as an educational resource and the main channel for lead generation. Kritter Catchers approached us with a focus on generating consistent and quality leads for the years 2023 and 2024.

The Kritter Catchers Goals

The primary objective for Kritter Catchers in 2023 and 2024 is to consistently generate high-quality leads by optimizing the company’s website and bolstering online outreach efforts. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been established to track progress effectively. These include increasing website traffic by a minimum of 40% year-over-year, achieving a conversion rate of 6% for website visitors transitioning into leads, and maintaining a lead-to-customer conversion rate of 25% or higher. By focusing on these metrics, Kritter Catchers aims to enhance its digital presence, attract a larger audience, and ultimately drive sustained business growth through a steady stream of qualified leads.

Services Used

The Elite Result For Kritter Catchers

1. Website Traffic for Kritter Catchers:

Achieved Outcome: Kritter Catchers witnessed a significant rise in its online presence, with a 150% year-over-year increase in website traffic.

Comparison to Goal: This growth rate surpassed the company’s ambitious goal of 40%. The impressive jump signifies the effectiveness of Kritter Catchers’ digital strategies and its increasing appeal to online audiences.

Potential Factors for Success: Kritter Catchers’ focused SEO efforts, captivating content strategy, and proactive social media campaigns might have significantly contributed to attracting more visitors to the website.

2. Lead Generation for Kritter Catchers:

Achieved Outcome: Of the individuals visiting Kritter Catchers’ website, 40% took actionable steps, such as signing up for newsletters, making inquiries, or engaging with the available resources, marking them as potential leads.

Comparison to Goal: This conversion performance exceeded Kritter Catchers’ initial target of 10%. The results suggest that visitors found the company’s offerings and content to be compelling, motivating them to take the next steps in their journey with the brand.

Potential Factors for Success: The strategic placement of call-to-actions, an intuitive website design, and Kritter Catchers’ value proposition in the humane animal control sector might have been influential in achieving higher visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

3. Lead-to-Customer Conversion for Kritter Catchers:

Achieved Outcome: From the pool of generated leads, a noteworthy 60% became customers of Kritter Catchers, availing of its services or products.

Comparison to Goal: This conversion rate stands above Kritter Catchers’ set benchmark of 25%. This attests to the company’s efficient lead nurturing and sales processes.

Potential Factors for Success: Kritter Catchers’ personalized email marketing initiatives, tailored follow-up strategies, and the evident quality of its services may have played a critical role in transforming leads into loyal customers.

To conclude, Kritter Catchers’ achievements not only met but exceeded its set targets, underscoring the company’s effective strategic planning and execution. This success serves as a testament to Kritter Catchers’ commitment to excellence and offers valuable insights for its future endeavors.

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