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Zero Blind Spot

Zero Blind Spot is a website rebrand aiming to make a rewarding experience for its customers, generate more business, and continuous growth with WEBPIXEL. 


surge in organic website traffic


commendable lead conversion rate

Overview About Zero Blind Spot

Zero Blind Spot is a cutting-edge security technology company specializing in reliable, affordable, and expert security solutions for both homes and businesses. The company’s website is built by WEBPIXEL on WordPress using Elementor and serves as the primary platform for lead generation and customer education. Zero Blind Spot sought to generate more leads and expand its service reach throughout New Jersey. 

The Zero Blind Spot Goals

To achieve a 60% increase in organic website traffic within six months, the strategy for Zero Blind Spot focuses on comprehensive SEO optimization, content creation, backlink building, and local SEO enhancement. This involves updating meta tags, creating relevant content, earning high-quality backlinks, and optimizing the Google My Business listing. Monitoring tools like Google Analytics are utilized to track performance and adjust strategies accordingly. 

Concurrently, to convert at least 40% of website visitors into qualified leads, the plan emphasizes landing page optimization, lead magnets, retargeting campaigns, engagement metrics monitoring, and implementing feedback mechanisms like chatbots. Lastly, the strategy to expand service areas in New Jersey entails market research to identify high-demand zip codes, localized marketing campaigns, engagement with local influencers and communities, and maintaining a feedback loop to refine services based on client needs. By executing these strategic actions, Zero Blind Spot aims to achieve its growth objectives within the specified timeframes. 

Services Used

The Elite Result For Zero Blind Spot

Website Traffic: Zero Blind Spot, a leading digital marketing agency, experienced a remarkable 80% surge in organic website traffic, outstripping the ambitious initial target of 80%. This surge underscores the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies and the increasing visibility of their online presence.

Lead Conversion: Zero Blind Spot demonstrated outstanding performance in lead conversion, achieving a commendable 61% conversion rate from website visitors. This accomplishment not only surpasses the predetermined goal of 40% but also highlights the agency’s ability to effectively engage and convert potential leads into customers through their website.

Service Area Expansion: Zero Blind Spot marked a significant milestone by successfully expanding its services to encompass 20 additional zip codes within New Jersey. This expansion goes beyond the set objective of 15 zip codes, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to broadening its reach and catering to a wider client base across different regions. 

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